How to do a Realweb Task
  • Read the first sentences in the task. 
    This is the introduction. It tells you what the task is and how it will help you improve your English.
  • The exercises after the introduction refer to a web page on the internet. 
    Read the exercises to get an idea of what you must do in the task.




  • To read the information on the web page scroll down to Go to web page  the bottom of the screen.
    Click on one of the links  or
    Some will only have


  •  opens the web page on the screen you are looking at. 
    You then scroll up and down to read the task and the information. 
  • To close the website click on   .
  • opens the webpage on a different screen (in a new window). 
    You cannot read the task in the new window.
    You must go backwards and forwards between the task page and the web page.
  • You can use the Alt and Tab keys on the keyboard to do this.
    Hold down the Alt key and press Tab.
    You will see a box with icons of all the screens you have open.
    Press Tab until the screen you want is selected.
    Or click on the tab on the Task bar
    (at the bottom) of the computer.

  • Sometimes there may be the opportunity to get further information. You can click

  • There may also be an opportunity to practise a language skill.  You can click

  • In some tasks you can click to check your work.
    After checking the answers you muct click Back on the toolbar at the top of the screen (on the browser) to return to the task page.