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Lorraine Posselt

In this task you will go to the Centrelink web page of the Australian Government.
You will read information and answer some questions.
This will give you practice reading an information text.

If you are not sure how to do a Realweb task, Click here.

Step 1
You will visit the Information in your language section of the Centrelink web page to read the information.
then answer these questions.
  1. What does Centrelink provide?
  2. What is the information about?
  3. How can you get in contact with the Multilingual Phone Service?
  4. What can you get free translations for?
  5. Where is there a list of languages that Centrelink supports?
Click on Go to web page - "Open here" or "New Window" at the bottom of this screen to find the answers to the questions.

When you have finished, Click Answers to check your work.

Step 2
To read more about Centrelink:
1. Click on Go to web page 2- "Open here" or "New Window"to go to the Centrelink home page.

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