Different Levels of Government

Australia - Government and the Law

Z_Maureen Berry

This task is about the different levels of government in Australia.
You will read information Australian Government website.
This will give you practice in reading an information text.

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Step 1
You will read about the Government in Australia.

Check the meanings of these words in a dictionary before you read the article:

        democracy, representative, monarchy, elect

Click on Go to web page - "Open Here" or "New Window" at the bottom of this screen, to go to the webpage.


Step 2
You will read the article How Government Works on the web page and then answer these questions.
First read the questions.


    1. What type of government does Australia have?
    2. Who is Australia's head of state?
    3. What happened in 1901?
    4. What are the three levels of government in Australia?
    5. What are the 3 arms of the Commonwealth government called?
    6. How many state governments are there?
    7. Which body looks after local community needs?


When you have finished click on Answers at the bottom of this screen to check your work.


Step 3
Click on the links on the webpage to gather more information about the 3 levels of government. Take notes and use the information to write a Report about the three levels of government in Australia.

For even more information click on Go to web page 2- "Open Here" or "New Window" and  Language Practice - "Open Here" or"New Window" at the bottom of this screen.    

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