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Literature review

This site reports on a project funded by Telematics Course Development Fund (Telematics Trust for short) to explore the development gaps in relation to the needs of youth at risk, specifically Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) youth and their teachers, and new and emerging Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).

The project focused on sound educational instructional strategies and design for the use of technology with the target learner group.  The project investigated the following aspects of digital storytelling (DST) and youth:

  • a literature scan investigating how youth, and CALD youth in particular, engage with e-learning

  • teacher readiness to engage with the technologies

  • models of instructional design for integrating the technologies into learning design

  • development to a resource that provides practical examples and teaching strategies for teachers

The research conducted as part of this project informed a DEST funded project entitled Creating the Connections; a digital stories resource kit for adult literacy teachers. The synergies between these two projects had enabled AMES to develop a very comprehensive resource available to a much wider target audience: i.e. not only teachers of NESB youth but also for teachers of disengaged young people across the various educational sectors, and particularly the secondary and further education system. The resource is available both as CD and online.

Interested teachers can order a CD through the AMES catalogue or download the complete resource from:

 The following link is to the printable resources only from the CD which were designed and developed using the scaffolding methodology from Strategies and designs for new technologies: e-learning for youth:

Creating the Connections: A digital stories resource kit for adult literacy teachers

Printable version of this report.

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