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Renting a house or flat
Listening exercises

Would you like to find out more about renting a house or flat?  Do you have a problem with your landlord or estate agent?  Consumer Affairs Victoria can give you advice about your rights and responsibilities when you are renting a house or flat.

In these exercises you will listen to people who telephone Consumer Affairs Victoria for advice. You will hear information about renting in Victoria and practise your listening skills.

To do an exercise, click on the exercise name and follow the instructions.

Topic Exercises - Intermediate Exercises - Advanced
Bonds and Leases
At the start of a tenancy you have to sign a lease and pay a bond, usually a month's rent.

A shared household

Breaking a lease

Getting your bond back

Help in paying your bond

Keeping up with your rent can sometimes be a problem

Behind with the rent

A rent increase

A landlord is responsible for keeping a rented property in good condition

A dripping tap

Cold showers

A leak in the roof

A landlord cannot lock you out or force you to leave your rented property without a court order

Locked out!

Your landlord can only enter your rented property for certain reasons and at certain times, and must give at least 24 hours notice

Katerina's garden

House for sale

Public housing
The Office of Housing is a government department that provides housing to people on low incomes or who may have special needs

Applying for public housing

Checking on your application

Rooming houses
A rooming house is a building where there are rooms available to rent to at least four residents

A difficult landlord


The information in these exercises relates to tenancy laws in Victoria.  Tenancy laws may be different in other states.