Know your consumer rights!
Listening exercises

Have you ever had a problem with something you have bought at a shop, a service you have paid for, or a contract you have signed? For many people, things go wrong because they don't know their rights and responsibilities as consumers.

Here are some stories about people who have had problems. Each story is followed by two exercises. Read and listen to the stories, do the exercises and learn how you can avoid these problems.

David's car repair Minh's stereo system A knock at Hamid's door Laura's faulty sofa
Lisa's red shoes Fred's fridge breaks down Sandy's second hand car Kim's lay-by contract
A fire in Anna's flat Paul's insurance claim Mario and Marta's wedding photos Ella's gas stove

If you need advice on your rights and responsibilities as a consumer you can telephone Consumer Affairs Victoria on 1300 55 81 81.